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Kawatare: Poetry Chapbook

[ Poetry ]

In this 20-page limited edition chapbook published by the esteemed Toronto-based Anstruther Press, Takatsu revisits his travels to Japan, primarily in 2012, as a musician, from the perspective of a writer now. A memoir of the past and lament of the present, it is weighed with concerns of our technologically and electromagnetically charged capitalist society, juxtaposed against the mystical and spiritually-imbued natural cosmos. Kawatare (彼は誰) is a poetic Japanese word for the time of twilight, dusk or dawn, when night and day merge, and one cannot recognize faces. This is also when the supernatural occurs — the worlds between here and there.

ISBN 978-1-988699-11-0

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Apparatus: An Anthology

[ Poetry / Prose / Art / Experimental / Anthology ]

The body is the sole mediator between man and universe, the moment between birth and death. Sometimes, there may be unity, love, transcendence and liberation. Other times, separation, lunacy, limitation, atrophy, violence.

In this collection of experimental poetry, prose and photography by 15 brilliant contributors, the physical body and its relationships are celebrated, examined, distorted, degraded, dissected, exposed.

Gritty and grotesque, surreal and transcendental, curated selections from acclaimed and established authors, emerging student writers, local Torontonians or Literary Fiction Network contributors: B.W. Powe, Takatsu, Evan J. Hoskins, N.J. Greenfield, Aaron Capelli, Daven Sharma, Thomas Arthur Farrell, Sierra Marilyn Riley, Skyler Clarke, C.J. Garrett, Deniz Sonkan, Colette Thomas, Nikita Shorikov, Aaron L. Sheng, Mae Claudette Costan

January 2017. For more info:





Espresso Love: A Novel

[ Dystopian / Philosophical / Literary / Magical-Realism ]

In Tokyo, where the System siphons thought, emotions & memories, a literature student meets a strange psychic girl and they embark on an escape from mindless agents, dream worlds and reality itself, in a soul-searching journey for love, for identity and what it means to be human. But all that remains is a peculiar coffee shop order.

The novel examines the human condition, perception, socio-political systems, capitalism and consumer culture, incorporating paranoiac conspiracy theories, surreal cosmic visions, circular symbolism and shifting parallel worlds, with profound discussions of coffee, art, literature and music.

“System is Everything.”

Espresso Love has gained over 1 million reads, Wattys Award 2014 winner, ranked #1 in Science Fiction and #3 in Spiritual categories out of over 100 million stories, and featured on Wattpad, IndieReader, DIG on USA TV campaigns, and various sites.


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Of Forests & Clocks & Dreams: A Literary Collection

[ Literary / Philosophy / Poetry / Art / Photography ]

From the award-winning trailblazer of English cell phone novels, online literature and transmedia storytelling comes an unconventional postmodern collection of fragments, moments, imaginings containing thought-provoking and enigmatic short stories, poetry, essay, excerpts, aphorisms, photography, typography, design and artwork.

His work paints surreal visions and explores philosophical themes of the human condition and spirituality, subjective perception and the nature of reality, the system and the cosmos through strange conversations, umbrellas, a talking bird, a girl with a top hat, grandfather clocks, transfigured stones, a missing archaeologist, bowls of rice, a man with twelve toes, and more.

The book features the award-winning transcendental “The Elephant Girl”, a heartbreaking “Sometimes I Think You Can't Hear Me”, the magical fable “By The River” and political essay “It's Pouring, Bring Two Umbrellas”.

“[His pieces] have a timeless quality, little legends or fables that enlighten or explain a philosophy of life, a zen moment… [they] touch on an innate mystery of things that your stories allow one to see.” – Patricia Keeney, Professor of Creative Writing at York University, Award-winning Poet, Critic, Author of One Man Dancing

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Published by Inspiritus Press

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Steven Takatsu Lee is a passionate, self-driven, outside-the-box, & award-winning multi-disciplinary artist-entrepreneur and digital pioneer, with over ten years of experience as a design, development, content & marketing specialist, whether in a collaborative team environment or freelance consulting role. Fluent in UI/UX, graphic, web, branding, marketing design and more, he is also a published poet, novelist, publisher, event and community coordinator. With over 20,000 followers and 1,000,000 reads under his belt, he is the trailblazer and advocate of initiatives and movements like smart city social networking apps, education platforms, English cell phone novels, Crossroads Literary Festival, PEN Canada fundraiser Bring the Noise Street Poetry Tour and more. Some of his titles are Espresso Love, Secondhand Memories, Of Forests and Clocks and Dreams, and Kawatare. See his titles, portfolio or read more on the About page >>