Like A River: Videos, Readings, Presentations and Updates

NEWS: See videos below for my live readings, presentation and performance recently Espresso Love has been submitted to the Wattys Award 2014, please help share and vote! The email newsletter went out! If you’d like to receive my exclusive HTML designed email with organized aggregation of important updates and information, some thoughts and media, join theRead more about Like A River: Videos, Readings, Presentations and Updates[…]

Espresso Love CONTEST! Win $20!

Running the first season of Fanfiction/Spin-off contest for dystopian romance novel, Espresso Love starting  March 16th til May 16th. Maximum word count of 3,500. If posted on Textnovel include (Espresso Love Fiction Contest) in your title so I can search for it easily. Depict Naoki Maeda/Shizuka Kaneko (Maeda and Kaneko are last names) in your ideal scene. i.e. a single instance/incident/scenarioRead more about Espresso Love CONTEST! Win $20![…]