Aozora EP CD


Takatsu's old musical release was a home-recorded EP, written and produced in 2012, originally motivated to communicate messages of hope to friends and family after the tsunami in Japan in 2011. Aozora means Blue Skies in Japanese. It is a symbol of hope and dreams, the beautiful picture of a summer day that we all long for. The songs in this demo will aspire to provide a sense of summer inspiration and journey.


1. 明日の夢 (Ashita no Yume – Tomorrow's Dream) 04:47
2. ESCAPADE 02:57
3. Netsukikyuu ft. Lumi 05:09
4. Harukaze Goodbye 03:18
5. 君にいつもありがとう (Kimi Ni Itsumo Arigatou – Thank You Always) 06:01


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