Concerning That Which Cannot Be Understood: Aphorisms, Philosophy, Fragments

A Few Words In Retrospect

If a bird calls from a tree in the forest and no one is around to hear it, did it happen?

Art is ordered chaos.

Science is religion widely accepted as truth.

You can vote about what’s next for dinner in a democratic system. By the time you have results, you might have starved to death.

Technology bridges machines: people-machines and people-made-machines.

These days, even toddlers and kindergarteners take entrance exams into prestigious (and expensive) preschools.

Consciousness is made from cosmic fragments.

There are many greater than I, a speck in the fabric of time.

Does a cardboard box have thoughts, emotions, memories? Is it not also a three-dimensional form? Length x Width x Height; x, y, z. Fill it with 65% water.

Sometimes I just enjoy the smell of books.

The media is used to mass-produce opinions.

It’s only through our own eyes that we see the world.

Capitalism creates the need for the accumulation of numbers; numbers are generated by those who need to accumulate, who give their accumulated numbers back to the creation of said need.

Our souls need solitude. Most don’t have enough.

Equality is not balance. It does not, in the name of balance, promote one to repress another. Equality should altogether redefine perception, ideals and values, and deconstructing the ones that are unjust. It is about the creation of new thinking.

All that we know is what someone else believes.

Hand-Holding-Reflective-Sphere1In my creative desert, a friend told me to start a riot. “Have you tried it before? Maybe that would help,” he said. I’d start a riot, but in my Canadian suburbs, it would just be me, floundering in the snow.

Here, the education system manufactures work-machines for the System.

Literature is the reflection of humanity.

After a few years, an Arabica tree cultivated in the mountains becomes a branded Starbucks drink for someone’s suit and tie Gold Card lifestyle.

You’ll write better, if you know yourself better.

It takes millions of stars to become something worth looking at.

The urban system segregates soul and body with science and technology. People willingly submit their souls.

Once you know everything, you realize you know nothing.

The biggest sin is complacency and the road to complacency is found in ignorance.

It must be fate to have two minds resonating on the same wavelength.

When reality is formed by an infinite number of subjectivities, dreams are more revealing.

We depend on structure and systems for sustenance, organization and order; we cannot exist without it anymore.

Anyone can be an author, but not all authors think.

Around me, there are green-scaled mountains and winding dragon roads. I hear a songstress echo from the peak and a goat nay-nay-ing somewhere. “If the leeches get to you, don’t peel them off with your hands,” I’m told. I step into the mud with a seedling in hand and it liberates me.

What is unseen and unspoken is likely most important.

People rise and fall. Nations rise and fall. Empires rise and fall. Systems reproduce and multiply.

Freedom of speech is not the freedom to abuse.

We spend more time seeing life through a camera than with our own eyes.

The machine makes decisions according to money and the animal makes decisions according to desire. The human should make decisions according to the intellectual soul.

Real tears come from inner resonance.

Scientific progress has become an essential.

65707fd9931db2fd02ec2f461f36eb11One must live with vision and for a vision. Otherwise, there is only darkness subdividing into nothing.

In stillness, you expand.

I worked nine to six for a year and wondered if this was it. I quit and made art.

Opening a book is entering someone else’s consciousness with your own.

Time, like maturity, is a subjective experience — numbers are meaningless.

Both the chicken and the egg require someone to ask the question.

On your wreath it says, “You Transcended the World”. I wish I could too.

In a democratic country, there is the delusion that every voice is heard and every vote counted.

Art is the soul of the world, but the capitalist system seeks to commodify and quantify it.

Memory is a fragment of the past still accessible with the present consciousness. Planning and precognition is a conscious manifestation of the potential future. Past, present and future exist simultaneously in us as glimpses into the fourth dimension.

I am in love with your soul.

Suffering and weakness make way for strength.

In the end, we are all asking questions and seeking answers with more questions.

To prevent awareness, systems create tempting illusions for the soul. Benefit packages, holidays and recreation, gyms and pools, promotions and parties, shares and employee of the month, counseling and churches, social networking and online games…

We construct the world but we are constructs too.

People resist change, whether an experimental sound for the next album or a new fashion statement or a website and interface makeover, let alone a change of heart.

Dreams are the reflections and resonances of the soul.

Forward momentum creates greater resistance.

Fight for your own rights only if it does not threaten the rights of another fellow human.

There was a time when we ran around outside like brothers and sisters, playing Cops and Robbers, climbing monkey bars and making noise, in the winters, skating on the frozen pond and sitting by the fireplace until the sun set, and that was life.

Monetary value is a necessary evil with the increase of supply and demand.

Sometimes, I feel more alone in crowds.

System becomes culture.

Distant people-machines interact using the remnants of souls they once had and celebrate in the miracle of it all, forgetting the past when their next-door neighbours were not machines.

We must wonder why we dream.

A two-dimensional object with the coordinates of x and y will never be able to perceive the way a three-dimensional object can with an additional z-axis.

Persecution is necessary for refinement.

The urban system is meant to reduce the need to think, and provide an illusion of thinking.

The ancients discovered that urbanization means better survival.

how-to-draw-a-realistic-landscape-draw-realistic-mountains_1_000000010322_5I chose to study literature because I wanted to stand at the pinnacle of the world. Psychology, philosophy, art, music, economy, politics, social studies, history, geography, myth, religion, spirituality, prophecy, cosmic harmony at my feet.

Reality is the clambering clash of subjective perception. And whoever has the loudest voice creates reality.

Seek to transcend reality and you will know your soul.

Modern religions are now systems built of physical dogma and subjective human constructs, though they were once founded on wisdom, soul-living and divine perception.

The greatest love is the constant decision to love.

My parents met some of their old school friends. They too were once young and full of dreams and high pitched squeals, beach days and running down streets and ice cream in the summer, last minute study sessions and basketball jams, karaoke and slacking off at tutoring.

The idea most people reject is probably the truest one.

Music is the language of the soul. Words, the language of consciousness. Dreams, the language of the cosmos. Perhaps poetry is all three.

The unjust know not their own crimes for they only see their own righteousness.

There was in the palm of her hand, a coffee bean, in which was infinity.

It seems like my purchase of books is at a greater rate than my reading of books.

Before the Flood, civilization must have also advanced until they had forgotten about the soul — and God.

Don’t take everything I say as truth.

Memories are left behind as simulacrous pixels on a screen. Then, the hard drive shatters and life disappears into the ether.

Small pieces reveal more in between the gaps.

I climb into a void to form consciousness.

The system does everything in its power to prevent depth and enlightenment through bureaucratic gatekeepers.

Writing is about reflecting the peripherals in order to perceive clearly.

Consciousness, subconsciousness, unconsciousness … containing memories, thoughts, opinions, convictions, emotions, intuition, ideas, imaginations, creation, conceptualizations, idealizations, soul resonances, visions. These are not found in stones, but only in us: the essence of the higher dimensional Divine.

My first girlfriend was my childhood friend. We were thirteen, cycling in the park, buying ice cream; we were afraid of holding hands then.

Money expires on death. A dying man does not wish he had made more money.

Science tries to study human beings as machines and the natural world as infrastructure.

Out of the billions in the world, it was you.

Wisdom is dangerous: it reveals the greatest, most tragic flaws, which have no solution.

Literature unlocks minds so that they can breathe a little more.

Life is never static; it flows like water. Even in the dead of a swamp, water evaporates.

Floating in the collective human consciousness, I no longer know reality. I am formless, spirit, tethered to nothing and no one and no earth.

Civil unrest is the remaining responses of a collective soul.

Imagination is the door to the universe.

Democracy is a system helping personal opinions succeed by becoming systems themselves.

We seek different things. I’m looking for nonexistent hope; she’s looking for the confirmation of despair. I look for a glimpse of the divine and she’s looking for more mistakes. I plan to watch and learn and she plans to dive and drown. After a drink or two, neither of us are right——or wrong.

Technology once expanded consciousness. Now it has replaced it.

It’s easy to criticize something if I pretend I’m not part it.

The more abstract, the more universal; the more metaphysical, the closer to the soul and the cosmos — the higher we transcend.

About four in the morning, I listen to the clocks and drink tea.

“The best 10…” “This will make you cry…” “You must see how…” “This will change your life…” “She reveals her secret…” “The most talented…” “12 catchiest…” “19 terrifying, creepy, and just…” To attract attention, biased opinions with subpar vocabulary pose as factual objective articles in the form of propagandist advertisements.

Our soul does not belong to the three-dimensional world. It is the spark of the Divine.

We must ask questions about everything.

Economy was first built on a basis of survival: food, shelter, water, love.

I once dreamt of my baby self. I picked him up and held him close and wondered.

A man who is oppressed by systematic low wages or nearly killed for his faith or heartbroken from a divorce or torn apart by online self-proclaimed critics or starved in a third world nation or discouraged from his dreams has right to choose between complaint and progress — they must not be compared.

The only system I would be a part of is one that is not made by men.

Good literature resonates because it presents fragments for the mind and the heart to quietly rearrange and assemble.

Don’t abuse your mother, child; understand that you’ve already robbed her of her past.

People-machines upload the last remaining fragments of their souls, upon which people-made-machines feed.

There is always a taller mountain. In the same way, we must humbly seek.

falling_sketch_by_claralieu-d60h59kCosmic consciousness is too fragmented and all-encompassing to compose with structure.

I think about what you said and guard it in memory.

The successful leader inevitably becomes a form of system, and unfortunately, not everyone is a leader.

The true communist ideal cannot succeed with leadership; it must be an ideal small community of ideal soul-people with the same ideals nurturing more ideal soul-people.

Sometimes the smallest things in life are the most significant. The soul is found in these.

It takes much practice to think beyond our own selves.

Adam and Eve did not gain the knowledge of good and evil; they became limited by it. They fell from pure soul-being, perfect cosmic paradox and divine perception into physical shells bound by destruction, time, human perception and earthly rights or wrongs. A literal flattening from the higher dimension into the third dimension. This is meaning of the Fall and separation from God. For the rest of humanity, the search for inspiration, enlightenment and meaning begins, not realizing what we seek is the restoration of our original state of being.

Theory is by third-hand taken as mass-produced mass-consumed fact.

I recall our silences the most.

When problems arise, clamour, protest and strike. When the fault is with the system, just create another system to oppose it.

Capitalism seeks to commodify human value, discarding the worth of the soul.

Earth is the meeting place of heaven and hell. Why then should we seek for more?

Sometimes I wish I could live mindlessly and be satisfied with creature comforts.

I remember the days behind computer screens and armoured pixels, leading hundreds into imaginary warfare, into pretend politics and economics, into soulful fellowship and collective memory: into searches for meaning because reality no longer provides it. But in the end, it is structure of illusion.

However, without a system, there will be chaos.

There are three stages of love: the physical, the emotional, and finally, the intellectual.

In some places, solitude is not a choice.

Our culture nurtures the gratification of senses, the fulfillment of desires and the forgetting of the soul.

Currently, critical numerical mass generates both money and power. The critical numeric standard continues to increase.

We depend on the lights. But we live in the dark. We depend on the liquid but we are solids. Inside there is a past chaos and emptiness.

Our generation is humanity’s last. We grew up with real human consciousness, frolicking on grass under the sun, then acquired natural technological instincts. From there, we expand.

The world within is much more fascinating.

Words don’t do the soul justice, but still, we must try.

    1. Thanks for checking this out and reblogging! It’s definitely a piece meant to provoke thought, not necessarily asking for agreement on everything. Some of it I myself don’t believe firmly, some of it is meant to converse with other lines in the piece and so on, so you’re absolutely right, feel free to read and think for yourself!

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