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[FEATURE: Espresso Love]

@ June 2014 Indie Insider

[INTERVIEW: Small Empires with Alexis Ohanian and The Verge]

[FEATURE: Wattpad Writing Guide]

The full article:
The video:

[EVENT: Fan Expo Wattpad Panel]


York University Excalibur Newspaper Article (online version)

[INTERVIEW: Secondhand Memories, Espresso Love, Cell Phone Novels, Writing Philosophy]

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[EVENT: Secondhand Memories Launch]

[INTERVIEW: Espresso Love, Philosophy]

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Creative Philosophies, Multimedia Transcendence, Collaboration with Rowena

[MENTION: Cell Phone Novels]


Deredeck Blog on Cell Phone Novels and Otaku Japanese Media

[INTERVIEW: Cell Phone Novels]

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ZE5T Magazine on Cell Phone Novels

[INTERVIEW: Cell Phone Novels]

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Out of Print Writing with Rowena

[FEATURE: Espresso Love]

Wattpad Literary FictionInternational Intrigue and Wattpad Sci-Fi Dystopian Reading List

[FEATURE: Espresso Love]

Featured on

[FEATURE: Espresso Love]

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Featured in reading list @DIG, an international conspiracy thriller television series

[EVENT: Literary Event at Windup Bird Cafe]

[FEATURE: Author]

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Sakura Publishing Authors

[FEATURE: Espresso Love]

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Book of the Week Nomination at Chosen By You Book Club

[MENTION: Author]

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York University President’s Creative Writing Awards – Stanley Fefferman Prize

[INTERVIEW] AJ Best and Textnovel

[FEATURE] Figment: What is a Cell Phone Novel?

[FEATURE] Matthew Reeves Top 10 List

[MENTION] Wikipedia: Cell Phone Novels

[MENTION] Urbandictionary

[FEATURE] WAP Review Blog:

[FEATURE] Delivr – David Harper:


[MENTION] xinping2016 ‘s

[GUEST] Blog

World News Video:

Writing News: (scroll to bottom) (my playlist in media section, perhaps my realSecondhand Memories OST some day XD)

[PRESS] Textnovelblog – News Release

Article about cell phone novels

Mobile Website review:

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  1. Hi — it’s Kate Laity under one of my other writing names. I’d really encourage you to have Google alerts set up for your book and for your name. That’s how I found your very kind words about my textnovel AIRSHIPS & ALCHEMY 🙂 It’s impossible to keep up with everything: the more automated “minions” you can set up to help, the better!

    1. 🙂 I didn’t really know that either, till I started to look through xD But it’s not out there enough! I’m trying to get official news sources to give the North american movement some coverage.

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