Intro to Cell Phone Novels with Takatsu (Documentary/Interview)

I apologize for abandoning this blog!! LOL. But I think i might start re-using it again, and if you’ve been here before then you know I’ve changed the design.

To update you all, a lot has happened but let’s just leave it with my current updated writing projects. Please check it out here!

On the other hand, Intro to Cell Phone Novels Documentary and Interview has been uploaded on my youtube recently. Should have done something like this a long time ago!

All the info you need about what cell phone novels are, the history of where it comes from and how it started in North America, English cell phone novel literature style, Secondhand Memories, Textnovel, eMobo and more!

PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE this compiled comprehensive source of cell phone novel knowledge and guidance! It is great to use amongst friends, in classes, presentations, school clubs, and onwards! I think it can push forward the movement of cell phone novels.




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