K-pop/J-pop & Red Happi

If you’ve been following my tweets or know my personal facebook, you’ll see that I keep posting up kpop news.Recently, kpop has been taking over Japan. and pretty much the world. But lately it’s been relentless promotions of kpop idols in Japan. One group after another are making their Japanese debuts, tours, albums, japanese songs. It’s crazy how much hype they get and how fast they are advancing. I reckon Oricon charts will be taken over just like how KARA did. Anyway read this:ย http://the-diplomat.com/new-emissary/2011/03/01/k-pop-versus-j-pop/ HOHOHO and there you have it. i completely agree. everything from the straightforward blunt cultural analysis to the talk about the music XD They’ve got crazy talent. korean people can really sing. like they’re just born with skill… all the idols that stand up on stage have such amazing voices and can dance, rap, play instruments, do all kinds of things. Talent + spartan training = epic skill.

Red Japanese Matsuri Happi

On other news, today I was at school, handing out flyers with the Japanese club for an event. Few things i noticed, despite us being dressed in red Japanese happi outfits, how people ignored us. We wanted to target the asians but that backfired. Yes, a bunch of asians like us in asian outfits, promoting asian events and asian culture were shunned and ignored by asians. Predominantly pretty asian girls. xD Did I look funny or something? Couldn’t be because at the asian mall i had a lot of girls stealing glances at me. LOL jk. But well back to the flyers, many were acting really snobby and completely pushed right through our sincere, friendly approaches. How can you not support your own fellow asians promoting YOUR culture?? gah! Drives me nuts. Ended up being more appealing to people of other cultures apparently. You could tell that some of them took the flyers out of pity for us poor flyer-promoters. Yet, our fellow asians didn’t even have pity for us ๐Ÿ™ How sad. How disappointing. I didn’t get a chance to ask my friend about his flyer campaign… wearing pikachu ears and a pikachu tail. HAHAHA. Perhaps that was successful.

Anyway… what else?

Oh right, it seems like it will be likely that Secondhand Memories book one will be finished by Thursday. Stay tuned! After that will be a short break, then editing, writing more Extras Collection pieces before moving on to writing book two. This should all be soon. So stay tuned.

I’d like to say more but I forgot what else there is to say. Well it’s late. I need to readjust my sleeping schedule. I’m kinda stoked for Bahamas on thursday! Mainly because hopefully i’ll be done writing and it’ll feel soooo liberating. I’d actually be on real vacation. The beach, the sea, the warm weather. ahhh….i need some time off. seriously need to relax.

Good night!



  1. Wow so sad that even asians at your country couldnt support fellow asians. Guess theyre into american music whatsoever. But to me, asian music is the best. The tune, the lyrics, the voice… full packaged awesome. What do you guys do in your jap club? Like you teach japanese or support jap music….. or talk abt japan culture XD

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