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Few things to check out via Wattpad side of activities:

Screen shot 2014-08-02 at 12.10.07 PMI’m honoured to be chosen as a Book of the Week Nomination, thank you @Alecia_Stone and congrats to the writers! Check it out here:

Some of Wattpad’s popular and talented authors have gathered at @KenMagee ‘s wonderful initiative to discuss the elements of an author site and get feedback from other writers or readers. Take a look! My site is talked about here:

We’re organizing a Wattpad party and writer’s meet up right in Toronto at the Wattpad HQ on August 24th, 6PM! Come out and meet us locals, network, join in activities, food, drinks and more!



Espresso Love has been updated yesterday and there are only very few updates left before the end of the novel! Thank you for participating in this journey and hop on board for the conclusion. Hope you are enjoying it.

Now there are for sure more things coming when it ends! There are spin-off bonus content being written, prequel and sequel projects, and more immediately, Naoki Maeda will be joining a battle-to-the-death fight club (with his philosophical mind-blowing powers) Wattpad collaborative writing project hosted by @NickUskoski for some epic hilarious fun! I will greatly need your voting support on Naoki’s fight scene! Tune in on my Wattpad

As the novel finally comes to an end online, I will be busy with its edits as well as researching for agents to submit to. Hopefully soon we can hear good news about Espresso Love being on its way down the publishing route!


“What I mean is, you only know the Satoru you know. In the same way, I only know the Satoru I know. Ryosuke and Koto, too, only know the Satoru they know… Nobody knows the Satoru all of us knows. That guy doesn’t exist.”

“In this world everyone’s a star. If that’s true then everyone’s the star (only) in all the worlds that make up this world, and if everyone’s a star, in effect that’s the same as if no one is a star.”

“My childish intuition told me that there was – well, something in this world that we can never understand, some vastly huge foreign substance, something before which we humans are blown away like so much dust.”

– Parade by Shuichi Yoshida.

Thanks for reading.


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