Dearest lovely readers and supporters of Secondhand Memories,

OH MY GOD! Go ahead and give me a weird look because I am the happiest guy in the world right now. Throughout the entire week knowing how close I was to completing it, I was so freaking happy LOL. Nothing can ruin my mood. It makes me proud because in the last few months I proved to myself and everyone that I could hold to promises and goals. I promised at least 6 chapters per day and it happened. Over the last 2-3 months I had written over 60,000 words. Last week I said I would aim to finish book one before I left for my vacation on Thursday (tomorrow). And it happened. I’m totally freaking out. Just imagine how this vacation will feel. How liberating this is. Oh my god. I’m so excited for the future of Secondhand Memories as well. (Sorry, I’m trying to contain myself by using periods or i will be writing in capitals and !!!!!!!!!!)

After two years (one year of procrastination, one year of hardwork according to my friend), it is finally finished. 87000 words, 962 Chapters, Reader’s Choice awards among others, first and most popular cell phone novel in North America. I can’t imagine this is happening to me. In the beginning I started it without knowing what I was doing. I was writing it for fun, for my own entertainment. Certainly it was one of my first pieces of writing being publicized. No one would notice it, so I thought. And if no one had, I would’ve given up halfway. So seriously, thank you all for your support and patience throughout the years. Without you, this won’t have finished. This dream wouldn’t have taking such a huge step. The movement of cell phone novels has just begun. The journey that the characters, myself and all of us have went through, has been amazing. I thank you for being part of this and making it happen.

The Future
The future is just as amazing. I will be going through editing for Book One, looking for Beta Readers to help edit it, then sending it off with my agent to more editors and ultimately, publishers. Let’s pray for the best!! But don’t worry, I will not abandon all of you 🙂 After editing, I will continue to write installments for the Extras Collections (lots of hilarious and entertaining ideas to write), write my OST (Original Soundtrack) songs and other Secondhand Memories projects like the Visual Novel and manga. But soon after, I will continue to write Book Two, because Book two will be an even more amazing journey.

Keep Updated!
If you haven’t already please see and keep your eye on my author blog, I write ALOT. Lots of life rants, insights and philosophies, updates about my projects, author interviews, book reviews, writing tips, random things to post up and more! There’s a lot of information on it already and its the best way to keep updated on everything going on in my life and with the projects. It’s quite active so make sure you check often! Of course also keep an eye on my twitter and Facebook Page

To celebrate the ending of Book One,
we need to do lots of stuff! HAHAHA

Draw in any form of subject, media, style and so forth, as long as it has to do with Secondhand Memories
I will post up ALL entries on my blog and also feature my personal picks all over the web!
Awesome fun and awesome way to get to know you all as well as see some amazing art work.
Let’s continue to inspire each other!

Deadline: One month, April 9th (celebrating one month from the completion of Book One :D) Send it in to my email!

Collect and send in your favourite Secondhand Memories quotes/excerpts to me!
I will feature your name and the quote on my blog site!


Secondhand Memories Challenge to all readers! Re-read entire novel, jot down significant info/events, interpret what the entire story, what the whole picture means to you personally. Think deeply: spiritually, philosophically, psychologically, existentially, i can keep throwing these adjectives out there but you get the point 😛 Then, let me hear them, feel free to send me an email or write on the FB wall, any method you can think of as long as it gets to me.

Thanks for all the support once again!

Please continue to support the future of the Secondhand Memories Saga!




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