Secondhand Memories Publication Sneak Peek, 700,000 reads & Holiday Adventures

Well well, here we have it, presenting Secondhand Memories, the pioneer English cell phone novel in book form. This is just the proof copy we are still working on finalizing but it’s coming soon! Hold on tight! Check out the interior formatting. It’s also a lot bigger than expected, like a full graphic novel size (bigger than regular novels) and 500-pages thick too – I guess I just wrote too much and the cell phone novel spacing makes it hefty! But all in all I feel it has even more of a collector’s limited edition feel with the size of it. Definitely is a fond memory and a major keepsake of my early writing years. This will be a big one, please stay tuned and look forward to it!! Check out the official publication website and subscribe to the mailing list so you can receive pre-order info!

Also thank you for 700,000 reads on my magical-realism dystopian literary novel Espresso Love you’re all amazing!


This all happened just before I fly tomorrow for Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. I will be there until the end of December. Be sure to tune in to my instagram @taka_chan, Twitter @taka_chan and Facebook for trip pictures and updates. Maybe more organized albums and also more work for the Nights in Tokyo Memoir later! If you’re in those cities, contact me if you’re interested in hanging out!

Still crossing fingers for Espresso Love’s manuscript

Other ongoing projects available on

Have a great holiday season, merry Christmas! (Though I’m sure I’ll get to say that again later)


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