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Hi all,

Intro To Cell Phone Novels Documentary (if you haven't seen it yet)

Been a little while. I’d like to update about our cell phone novel movement. There is a lot happening now that we have a strong, active, very vibrant community that is building up a tight knit core group. A lot of laughs, jokes, random chats but also lots of great discussions and ideas. Some big things we are working on:



– A Cell Phone Novel Short Story Anthology Publication which is accepting submissions currently until mid-July or end of the summer. Hopefully this will be in book and ebook form by the end of the year. Join us!

– A Discussion/Feedback Circle where all members will have their work read, commented and discussed in detail with book analysis style questions and thoughts.

– Cell Phone Novel Artists’ City Collaboration project where multiple authors will write an ongoing project together from multiple character viewpoints in one massive city setting with a unique concept.

Other than this, some major pieces are coming into play so stay tuned for that. Working on technical developments and reworks, some publishing steps into the industry and community outreach. Let me know if you’d like to know what’s happening or get involved.

Also my two most current cell phone novel projects are in progress and stay tuned and follow the story as it develops because the future looks very promising 😉

The Fringe of District 24 – a fantasy / sci-fi saga challenging the ideas behind human existence and imagination

Move (A Journey of Music)  – a realistic semi-autobiographical philosophical and emotional roller coaster

For updates not related to cell phone novels. I guess I’m getting pretty busy with school. There are tons of readings that is hard to keep up with as well as mini-essays every week and big essays coming up. Quite tough to keep on top of things. But I’m still trying and it’s too late to judge whether or not I can handle this. On top of that there are a few projects outside of CPN and school that are thrown on my shoulders…. bleh

I recorded a cover of Wherever You Are which will go up on YouTube eventually (soon)

Late nights every day. I need to sleep earlier!

Weather is a lot warmer, feels more like a real spring and seasonal temperatures. Summer looks like it’s coming steadily. Lots of skating and enjoying the sunshine. Looking forward to summer.


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