Publishing & Ending Off the Year

So I’ve been put up on my publisher’s website! My first novel, Secondhand Memories will be published this year with Sakura Publishing and released probably late 2014. Stay tuned for updates via my usual social media accounts! FB Twitter

Please head over to my author page on Sakura Publishing’s site and show some love with a comment or share!

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Other than that, today has been an amazing way to end off the year. The sun is brilliant and intense. Skateboarding to school once again.

Submitted my writing portfolio, gave him my novel manuscript so far, and got my professor’s book signed by him. (I definitely enjoyed every line of his poetry. Lots of great moments: the most personal sentiments that were truly felt and the grand mythic painteresque currents and energies. It is profound, there is intense rhythm and passion, it was an experience that felt like a Homeric epic at the end of it. I think if I continue to write poetry, I am inclined towards the same sort of style and feel, so I will be re-reading his work a lot more.)

That’s a great way to round off the class huh?

By the way, the Espresso Love manuscript there so far is only at 70,000 words and I probably have another 30-40k to go. It is also single spaced, 10 pt, so it’s not even manuscript 12pt, double spaced + section breaks yet. I’m guessing at least 500-600 pieces of paper when it’s done LOL! Authors kill a lot of trees.

Afterwards, I got a chance to chill with a few classmates. Great talks, great weather, great memories.

Anyway, it has been a great year full of much inspiration; the creative writing course has been therapeutic and nurturing, and has propelled me to greater heights and invariably, I will also face whatever depths there will be ahead. Truly, it is difficult to express the kind of experience I had through all this. I can feel my spirit being charged and filling me. To produce 70,000 words so far of my novel is my greatest accomplishment to date, though I will continue to push to further heights, this is definitely a major step and it is exhausting all my faculties – which is a good feeling. It was only thanks to my professor and this course, and the timing, that I was picked up off my feet during my down time, and raised up to receive the joy that I have now.


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