Updates – Firefly Project and Secondhand Memories

I’m setting my gears on desperate mode for the Firefly Project and am messaging many people and organizations like an insane man. Hopefully, it’ll get through to someone who might be able to help.

I’m deciding to promote this project as it’s own Campaign. Because that is what it is. I have set up a quick wordpress site for it. Please share this!! http://fireflyproject.wordpress.com as well as a logo inspired by the Japanese flag and banners!! perhaps posters later on!

Here is a message you can use to spread the word! (If need be, you can break it up into two parts: use the first paragraph and add the second as a comment or something i.e. on FB) Please help share and promote to anyone and everyone.

“Hey all, I’d like to invite you to Join the Firefly Collaboration Campaign.http://fireflyproject.wordpress.com/ It was started on Monday. We’re collecting messages, quotes, poems, lyrics, short stories, etc and putting it into a collective message of strength, hope, love and encouragement to send/broadcast off to Japan. A final publication may be sold for proceeds to the relief. We’re looking for YOUR message!

It is an extremely heartbreaking situation, and we all have many friends and family there. Tears threaten whenever we think about the situation. I believe other than monetary contribution we can also help in another way. I believe many of us and everyone in Japan needs mental/emotional/spiritual support. Using the arts we can provide a message strength, hope, faith and inspiration. This will allow us to continue to fight no matter what. And fight is what we need to do.

We already have had several published authors and other individuals join our cause, as well as students and people all over the world. Let’s keep this momentum going! Please contribute and spread the word! We need YOUR message! If you, anyone you know or any organization would like to support our initiatives please let me know!

It is posted and updated via ongoing online publishing on Textnovel.com (the first Japanese inspired, cell phone novel site in North America): http://tiny.cc/hotaru we have a number of contributions already! Please check it out!

See this for more information: http://fireflyproject.wordpress.com/

On other news, i’m editing Secondhand Memories as much as I can. This is a great priority too because book one needs to head off to the publishers asap. Right now I’m operating as a nobody, nothing seems to be able to be accomplished from this kind of status. lol. The editing is a lot of work. I cringe at the first half of the novel, it’s just so horrid. It’s not even because it’s written two years ago but that I tried desperately to imitate Japanese cell phone novel style at the time. haha So i ended up sounding like a badly translated Japanese cell phone novel! LOL. Some of the editing causes me to need to break up a chapter into more,so i have to insert extra chapters here and there. you may receive email notifications. These are my edits.

If you’d like to get notifications for my edits, you can change that in your “my admin” settings. But every chapter will be edited pretty much so you’ll get alot of spam.

I’ve also got to get on Textnovel Newsletter stuff (it’s way late) but i’m awaiting some replies from various people.


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